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Scary Stuff

Okay, today I decided a few things scare me. Here they are:

1) Britney Spears behind the wheel of a car

2) Bugs that climb into your ears while you sleep

3) Movies that take place in an alternate universe where Santa Clause is real
(seriously, WTH?)

4) George Lopez's....suggestive lines in his show (ew)

5) Kelly Ripa

6) Those '24' skits on MADtv

Woah, that was really random. My day went by really fast; I went to the stables for a few hours of riding, went to Old Navy, bought 2 shirts, 1 pair of jeans and pajama pants, watched 23 minutes of "Mean Girls", ate a chicken sandwich, went to IMdB to complain about how terrible "Chuck" and that caveman show are and then wrote this. Great.
Tags: list, riding, shopping, tv shows
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