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Wisdom Teeth

Okay, so I guess I posted something about my wisdom teeth a while ago, about how I needed to get them removed? Well that's what I did today.

Since my school gave us 2 days off, my parents scedueled IT for today.
They sat me in a chair, pumped gas into my nose and stuck an IV in my arm about 118636252 times. Now I have a very *colorful* bruise there...
So when I woke up 2 hours later, my lips were collagen-ized, my mouth full of gauze and a bandage wrapped around my head "A Christmas Carol" style.

My tongue feels really sore...I think the surgen cut it up with the while my teeth were being yanked out an my gums feel sort of like when I got my braces five years ago only sort of the opposite effect...
The stiches feel really numb and scrathcy and my tongue just feels like picking at them all the time! Oh least I have the pain meds!

Oh, and i wasn't awake but I don't think it looked like this!

Tags: pain, surgery, wisdom teeth
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