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Even I knew this was a rip-off...

So a few days ago my mum & I went to a music store in town to do a little viola shopping; the day before we got a call from the same store and they told us there was 1 viola in stock, so I was thinking /ok that's fine/

I sort of assumed it would be new or "lightly used" but the thing looked like someone buffed it with sandpaper!

Ok not only did it *look* awful but when I asked the year on it, the manager said '73! When I tried it out all the strings were really sharp or maybe just plain screwed up... The one I have now is `02 so my choice is between the scraped-up, screechy wooden dinosaur or my slightly too-small-but-only-made-5-years-ago version with a few chips & a screwy D string but still plays pretty good...I'll keep the latter thankyouverymuch.

Oh yeah, did I mention the store wanted $800 for the scrap wood?
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