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New Quiz Source

So I found this new quiz place....


Are you smarter than a monkey?

You scored 100%, which means that you're 62% smarter than a monkey!
'Are you smarter than a monkey?' at


What were you in your past life?
You were ... a butterfly... with a mind for arson.
'What were you in your past life?' at

Yeah, that's definitely me...

And here's one in favor of tomorrow:
What will happen on the first day of school?
• Becca will tell your teacher that you have a crush on them
• Dawn will skip the first day... and probably the second
• Bri will run around in circles to celebrate the first day of school
• Lila will come to school wearing only a potato sack and say 'don't ask.'
• Anne will invite you to be their alter-ego superhero sidekick

'What will happen on the first day of school?' at

Geez, this seems semi-possible, too.
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