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In the News

Kay, so I'm going back to school utterly depressing.
I've done like, so much this summer.

Here's only a few I could think of: Watched the Discovery Channel for 5 hours straight,
went to Driver's Ed for 2 weeks-during which I watched about a million-bazillion videos starring animated crash-test dummies,
got my license,
ran over a rabbit statue,
became a year older,
got totally addicted to The Sims 2,
spent a week in New York with The Mob (aka my family, thankyouverymuch)
saw all the Pirates of the Caribbean & Lord of The Rings movies,
learned English style riding,
read a stack of magazines,
got a tan,
lost my tan,
started to hate "America's Got Talent",
celebrated birthday at the Mall of America with 4 of my closest friends,
was visited by Lila*,
almost got kidnapped along with Lila*,
had a totally awkaward experience at my Aunt & Uncle's house, watching my uncles fav movie which happened to be "Don Juan DeMarco"....
got a mosquito bite the size of a thumbnail on the bottom of my foot,
bought 34 songs from iTunes,
grew out my hair,
cut my hair,
hosted 2 bonfire soirees,
developed an annoyance of Wayne Brady, Kelly Ripa, Jonah Hill and Luke Wilson,
watched countless reality shows,
pitied Owen Wilson,
aaaand sent about 75 emails, receiving about the same number in return .
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