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New York, Lila and My Hair

It's great to be back from vacation; usually by the time they're over, I want a vacation from my vacation!
It wasn't that bad, though. I saw all my family members from NY and Cali that I haven't seen since I was 7 or 8, and WOW: they were all so old looking!
Most of my mom's brothers have grey hair now. Of course, I got the "Oh my god, you've grown up" comments and I even taught my uncle's man how to text message.

The airports were a royal pain, though. It would be nice to walk into an airport and be able to keep your shoes, but I understand - as the constant intercom messages said, " [In female voice]The national security is at level...ORANGE[Deep male voice]". They do have nice giftshops, though. I got Becca a stuffed pink monkey wearing an "I *heart* NY" t-shirt.

So today I got a call from my oldest friend, Lila. We've known each other since we were 7, when she moved here from Arizona and we were pretty much inseparable until she moved back about 4 years ago cause of her dad's car bussiness. She usually blows back into town once or twice a year, though and it's always great to see her, even though we usually get caught up into some kind of chaos; when she visited back in '04, we actually set my carpet on fire. At least now I know that perfume and a BBQ lighter make a good blowtorch.

I can't believe summer is like, half over. The highlights I got last August are practically inexistant. That's a good thing, though; I'm trying to get my hair back to it's natural color. (I'm not sure I remember what it is). It's also *really* long now...almost down to my ass. Must remember to get it cut.
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